Timesheet Constructor import possibility

Stijn March 22, 2014

Nobody likes to start over or loose history, that's why last week we've been working on a possibility to import your Timesheet Constructor data into Temponia.  This is now possible with some important side notes:

The structure of Temponia is as follows:

  • Client 1
    • Project X
      • Task A
      • Task B
      • Task C
    • Project Y
      • Task B
      • Task C
    • Project Z
      • Task A
      • Task B
      • Task D
  • Client 2
    • Project T
      • Task A
      • Task B

In Timesheet Constructor there are

  • Categories
    • Projects
    • Projects

The import is done by creating a client for each category and putting the projects underneath them.  In Temponia you can define a rate as follows:

  • Unbilled
  • By project rate
  • By task rate
  • By person rate

Timesheet Constructor didn't allow this more in depth price structure so upon import all projects are set to by project rate and receive the hour rate that was defined in Timesheet Constructor.  Since TSC didn't have the concept of tasks we put all the timesheet entries under a default task (which you can rename later).

To import we need the following DAT and IDX files:

  • Categories.dat
  • Project.dat
  • Timesheet.dat

All these can be found in your installation directory.  If you are interested in an import let us know by opening a ticket at and attach your zipped data files.  Also make sure you have already created an account in Temponia and let us know the name of your company.