What can temponia do for you?

While other timesheet solutions on the market focus mainly on duration,
Temponia uses a calendar based scheduler allowing managers
to get much more in-depth reporting and control.
You can easily visualize a whole working week of an employee,
see the exact time they started working on something, when they finished,
and spot blank periods when nothing was logged.

Don't just assume projects are profitable. Gain real insights into the indirect
costs of your projects and organisation and ensure no billable hour is lost.

Calendar Interface

Unlike other time tracking apps we use a
calendar for input and visualisation.
This gives you a great overview of your
tracked time as well as in-depth reporting.


Setup a project budget within Temponia and
track whether your project is still on track.
You can even configure alerts so you receive a
notification when hours/expenses are nearing budget.

Powerful Reporting

Different types of reports — by employee,
project, task, or client, will let you under-
stand every minute your worker spent on

Great For Teams

Temponia is ideal for teams: we got
user dashboards, multi-views, project
manager access, consolidated reporting
and much more.

Access Anywhere

Your time tracking doesn't stop when
you leave your office. Enter timesheets
from anywhere you want, anytime you want.
Available in browser, Android and iOS.


Create your invoices from within Temponia
and export them to your accounting software.
We have multiple online accounting software
partners with whom we have integrations.


Time logging compliance is indicated on user
dashboards. You can define yourself when
automatic reminders should be send out
if the time logging is incomplete.


If you need extra data to include in
your reporting, you can add custom flexfields
to the timesheet entry page. We support
all types of fields. So customize away!


Avoid forgotten timesheet entries by starting
a timer. This will keep running while you
work. When you finish just stop the timer and
the timesheet entry will be created for you.

With our dashboard, you can easily
overview your total hours worked

What our clients say

I want to thank you for Temponia! I just did a major remodel on my house and this helped me in organizing which job I would do, and when. It enabled me to complete my project in a well, organized fashion. It's very flexible! I especially liked how I could save/print the project in PDF and Excel format.

Rick Smith

This new release is really great! Especially I like the new categories... The nice thing about Temponia is that it works like the way I think. Keep up the good work !

Pieter Lozie, Belgium

Thanks for making a nice program. The best of its kind I have found. Have tested it for some weeks now...)

Gunnar Norum, Oslo