Zoho partnership

Benefits of time tracking Zoho in Temponia

With Temponia you are able to easily keep track of your team, making sure each hour worked, becomes an hour logged. We added invoicing to our solution so you can create invoices from within Temponia.
Making invoices is great, but what's even better is getting paid. We wanted to make this workflow as effortless as possible: that's why we partnered up with Zoho.
  • You sign in once and connect the applications together.
  • Supports both Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books, as well as a multi-organisation setup.
  • Select the Zoho client to which you want to invoice within Temponia, no need to reenter client data.
  • Your invoice will automatically appear in Zoho. Temponia will use the invoice number generated by Zoho.
  • You are able to print the invoice within Temponia, using the layout you have defined in Zoho.
  • You can add or remove items on your invoice in Zoho.
  • When the status of an invoice changes in Zoho, this will be updated in Temponia as well.

What does Temponia offer?

Temponia is an online timesheet application. Unlike other timesheet solutions, we use a graphical (outlook like) calendar interface. Not only does this offer a very quick way to enter timesheets, it also is perfect to visualise and allows for in-depth reporting.
  • Temponia is completely cloud-based, accessible from any browser, or mobile device. No need to worry about backups.
  • Very fast input system that does not only capture duration but also start and finish times, which are great for reporting and visualisation.
  • Track expenses: where, when, how much.
  • Powerful reporting that allows you to filter, group as you please and export to CSV, Excel or PDF.
  • Flexible options: you want to bill by project rate, person, task, ... we support it all.
  • Set a budget for a project, task or person and get alerts when budget thresholds are reached.
  • Customizable dashboard allowing you to monitor progress per project / team member / task / budget.
  • Create invoices for projects and export them.
  • Mobile app that allows you to enter timesheets on the go.
  • Free to use up to 2 projects.

What is Zoho?

Zoho is a comprehensive suite of online productivity, collaboration and business applications for businesses of all sizes. Zoho’s productivity and collaboration applications include Email Hosting, Document Management, Office Suite, Project Management and more alongside a host of business applications ranging from CRM and Campaign Management to Customer Support, Accounting and more. Over 13 million users rely on Zoho apps for their business.

Zoho Books is a simple, easy-to-use accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers to manage their business finance.
  • Get quick access to critical business information easily with Zoho Books - either on the web or mobile.
  • Eliminate data entry with Bank Feeds. Have all your transactions automatically updated and categorized.
  • Get paid faster with online payments. You can also discuss recent quotes and share invoices with client anytime.
  • Avoid file transfer. Save time by inviting your colleagues and accountant to your books real-time.
  • Do away with crumpled paper receipts in your wallet. Simply snap & upload receipts for claiming deductible expenses during tax-time.
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