Insightly partnership


With Temponia you are able to easily keep track of your team, making sure each hour worked, becomes an hour logged. In Insightly you manage your customers and you can even do project management.
By partnering up we guarantee a flawless integration and avoid unnecessary double data entry.
  • You sign in once and connect the applications together.
  • You can import users, clients and projects from Insightly into Temponia and keep them in Sync.
  • When hours are logged in Temponia, this will automatically create events in the Insightly projects.
  • After you add your Insighly API key in your profile you can mention contacts in timesheet notes. This will link the timesheet entry on an Insightly contact level.
  • Events created by Temponia in Insightly are automatically synchronised.

Demonstration of how to setup the link and import users, clients and projects

Demonstration of mentioning a contact

What does Temponia offer?

Temponia is an online timesheet application. Unlike other timesheet solutions, we use a graphical (outlook like) calendar interface. Not only does this offer a very quick way to enter timesheets, it also is perfect to visualise and allows for in-depth reporting.
  • Temponia is completely cloud-based, accessible from any browser, or mobile device. No need to worry about backups.
  • Very fast input system that does not only capture duration but also start and finish times, which are great for reporting and visualisation.
  • Track expenses: where, when, how much.
  • Powerful reporting that allows you to filter, group as you please and export to CSV, Excel or PDF.
  • Flexible options: you want to bill by project rate, person, task, ... we support it all.
  • Set a budget for a project, task or person and get alerts when budget thresholds are reached.
  • Customizable dashboard allowing you to monitor progress per project / team member / task / budget.
  • Create invoices for projects and export them.
  • Mobile app that allows you to enter timesheets on the go.
  • Free to use up to 2 projects.

What is Insightly?

Insightly is a great tool to help small businesses deal with the vital task of managing your leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. Using CRM best practices, you can see everything about a lead or a contact — from background, email history and important dates, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated.

Insightly is the easiest customer relationship management solution (CRM) to use for managing deep customer relationships. Customers use Insightly’s tightly integrated CRM & project management features to close new business, track post-sale customer interactions and drive repeat purchases.
  • Your business needs to be more organized. If contact information is stored in various places (e.g., smartphones, Google accounts, tablets, spreadsheets, business cards) and not easily accessed by you or your team, then you need Insightly.
  • Your business needs to be more efficient. If different people in your company are contacting your prospects and customers several times about the same topic, then you need Insightly.
  • You think your team could be more effective. You can’t find what you need. You need visibility into productivity. If tasks are falling through the cracks and you don’t have insight into sales team productivity, then you need Insightly.
  • It’s a multi-week project to get a complete picture of your sales. With no sales automation system to track opportunities and their values, it’s probably difficult to get an accurate sales pipeline overview. When you view your sales pipeline and it’s inaccurate by a wide margin, then you need Insightly.
  • If you work in a service industry – like advertising, media, IT consulting, financial services – and you need to make sure all your customer projects are on track, then you need Insightly.
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